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3rd annual open house t-shirt
  5th Annual Fun Run t-shirt   C2E T-shirt design Chocolate martinis drawing    
6th fun run t-shirt Aloha Grayscale painting Cosmetology t-shirt Daisy Watercolor
Arndts Menu
Bike-a-thon design winner 95 t-shirt
Desiree Sketch
Paint Divider in my hallway

Boys and their toys t-shirt
East Evergreen Estates Insides
East Evergreen Estates outside
Eliana Drawing
Eliana in the Moonlight drawing Emu t-shirt Erin Sketch Exotic Woman Pencil drawing
Eye Watercolor Gourds Pastel Painting H and H Tack Shop Pen and Ink Hess Ford Racing t-shirt
Hornings Pedal Cars t-shirt Jeans Tab foil label JPSIG barn pen and ink Kristi Sketch
LCCTC student handbook folder 1995 Lion Pastel Painting Mountains Girl Scouts t-shirt Milton Hershey School pen and ink
Airbrush Painting I am working on currently (one quarter) Red Rose Watercolor Sarah Sketch Seth Pastel Painting
Short Hair woman sketch These Hands Pencil sketch and poem Woman with blue eyes  




A larger sample of my work can be accessed by clicking on its thumbnail.